Turn the Page: Next Stop VMware

Sometimes the phone rings and it’s that phone call no one ever wants. That happened to me last week, when my house sitter called to ask where the main water shutoff valve was. No one wants to answer that question from just outside Glacier National Park at 11 pm. For the record, the family and the pets are all fine, the disaster recovery company is amazing, and there’s an “unanticipated” opportunity for re-cabling and remodeling.


And sometimes the phone rings, and it’s that one offer you can’t refuse–not just a line in a movie. After an amazing ride with SolidFire through acquisition by NetApp, it is time to take on a new challenge. Another unanticipated opportunity to build something new.

Starting today, I’ll be Director of Influence Marketing for VMware’s NSX BU. I’m looking forward to working with customers, building community, and connecting all of those people/platform/content dots. Another case of playing my position no matter where I am on the field, and working with some of my mentors and a talented team.

None of this would be possible without a lot of support from colleagues, mentors, and extended community. Thank you one and all for making this last two years the most exciting and productive of my professional life. And thank you to my Geek Whisperers and Speaking in Tech crews, and of course my own personal Snuffleupagus for walking through change first and showing us all how it’s done.

I subscribe to the “until next time” model–so to all my colleagues at NetApp, I’ll see you at VMworld, just with a different colored lanyard. To the vcommunity I’ve worked alongside for so long, I look forward to digging in and working with you officially.



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