Influence Marketing Defined (Social Media Redefined): People, Platforms, Content

Nothing creates more discord than using the same word to mean different things. The more we agree, the harder we fight. Such is the case with social media practiioners, who often take vastly different approaches to their execution.

Here’s how I see social media:


It’s the interaction of three key elements: people, platforms, and content.

1. Social media practioners who focus on platforms enjoy driving traffic, measuring, and mapping the best content to the appropriate platform.

2. Content creators and curators have transferred a traditional content marketing skill into new mediums for social consumption.

3. The people part of social is the heart of Influence Marketing (see The Influence Diet for more). Working with the subject matter experts to create content for the platforms–that’s where I focus.

No one circle can exist in isolation, but most social media practitioners major in one or two circles and minor in the others. Unicorns emerge when the three circles are in harmony.

What is a unicorn? Listen to the latest episode of The Geek Whisperers: Unicorn Husbandry for an introduction to this mystical world of the most valuable asset in your company.

Does this definition work for you and your social media practice?